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so i've been hearing so much about the movie The Notebook that i decided i should rent it and see the fuss. well.... i like never ever cry over movies but i guess what i heard this time was true cuz i was like almost balling. my dad made fun of me for crying. meanie. but it was just so emotional i couldn't help it. it was a really good movie though just really sad. :( i want to read the book. i should have read the book first. i was gonna buy it like a week ago but i didn't have money. but yeah definitly a tear jerker that one. ummmm thats all i have to say. oh and i'm NOT going to cancun which im a little upset about but my parents want it to be like a 2nd honeymoon for there 30th anniversary so i guess i can suck it up... and i get the house to myself for a week sooo thats cool. i'll just make them send me on another vacation with my friends or to visit my cousin during the summer or something cuz they feel bad they aren't taking me lol.
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green day

god im sick of snow!

blaah.. another snow storm is on its way. joy. not. i like snow but i hate being stuck with nothing to do until the roads clear. well it is official now...i went for my meeting this morning and i'm FINALLY done with school, which i basically knew already. woohoo! time to find a job and start saving money.

last night ended up being fun. maru and i didn't think it would be. went crusin around with her and buskey for awhile then he had to be home around 10ish so we dropped him off and decided to go catcha movie...well they locked the doors cuz i guess all the last showings had started but someone was leaving so we went in anyways and a girl we knew was the only one working so she just let us go into a movie for free. so we went and say hitch since we only had missed like 10 maybe 15 minutes of it. it was cute and funny. then we crusied somemore after too some good songs and went home lol but it really was a fun night even though we didn't do much. tonight, probably do nothing. damn the snow! maybe i'll get snowed in at my sisters instead of home.

the machine is 21+ :(

10 things

10 things i've done that you probably haven't...
(i stole this from sum1 on my friend's list... looked fun and i was real bored.)

1. - ran out of a house door that was meant to go out onto a deck, but it hadnt been built yet and busted my ass :(

2. - insisted i was seeing santa claus but when i got up to him he was a stop sign.

3. - took a pee outside many public buildings and places i shouldn't have but yea a lot of people do that

4. - somehow crossed the highway and broke into an old store and found sum stickers

5. - slid down a banaster (dont know hwo to spell that word) inside my friends house and bashed out the front door onto the front porch

6. - got trashed at my cousins wedding and decided to chance missing school (which would result in me not graduating) and stay in new york that night and party..... which it was so totally worth it by the way and im getting to graduate.

7. - got shit on by a bird in atlantic city and it was green GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but they say its goodluck....

8. - got walked in on in the girl's bathroom in the stale i was in by the lead singer of A Static Lullaby

9. - rikki and i tried to hit on and pick up the lead singer of yellowcard before we knew he was the lead singer of yellowcard...that was funny

10. - went to this summer camp that was kinda based on a certain religon that i had nothing to do with was fun though

OOH and rolled down the school hallway singing the mission impossible theme song pretending i had a gun (remember that rik?)

OHH!! lol and ditched school about a million times to go hang at a girl scout camp in the woods by r school then went back for like the last period. good times.

i could come up with such cooler things i've done but i know for sure other people have done them... i need to do more exciting things though that others havent huh lol

happy hallmark day!~

valentines day...ha what a joke. but happy valentines day anyway.

only...dun dun dun... ::drum roll:: 4 days of school left!~!~ i'm not gonna lie when i say i will miss it :( tomorrow we are having a lunchin. mmmm food! my best friend!

tonight was fun. went over corey's and watched the village with her, dustin and louie. i actually thought it was a good movie, i heard bad things about it.. a little odd though and i wish there was more to the ending.

the machine is coming the machine is coming!!! yay! and badfish too.

dreaming of vacation...

HOPEFULLY if everything goes to plans.... i will be heading here...

title or description

either the first or second week of april im not sure, for 8 days! i'm so so so so excited, hopefully all goes well. i wanna go so bad!!

i'll be staying at either this hotel....

title or description

or this one....

title or description

they are both marriott and i know its a marriott hotel. WOO HOO cancun. i'm going to be so disappointed if this doesn't happen.

please excuse me while i vent...

i'm so so so so so SO sick and tired of all the stupid bullshit around here. all anybody ever cares about is themselves. every friend i have pretends to care about me until something better comes there way, its like whenever they don't need me anymore they are like screw you mel i dont care whats bothering you or what you have to say. everyone around here, there personalities are so fake, i can't fucking stand it anymore. i'm sick of always being such a good person to people who don't deserve it. i fucking drop in a heart beat for a friends thats upset even if i haven't talked to them in months, i sit there and listen to them and try to help them out, but people never do that for me unless they don't have anyone else then they decide to suddenly act like they care but as soon as mister or mrs. right comes strolling along they don't give two shits about you, "oh your upset im sorry nothing i can do about it... oh you wanna hang out oh well thats too bad sucks to be you" thats like what i feel people are saying to me a lot of the time without actually saying it. its fucking bullshit im nothing but a good friend to everyone, i dont care if i sound full of myself saying im such a nice person or whatever, but you know what i do feel that i am. yeah ive made mistakes in friendships ok, but im always there right afterwards trying to fix them because I CARE AND HAVE FEELINGS. more than i can say for a hell of a lot of people around here. i feel like im so much more grown up then other people. i just wish more people would see things the way i do. sometimes i hate being so different from everybody else because where does it get me? nowhere.

god that felt good.
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green day

new years eve!~!

i had a pretty fun new years eve, a lot better than last years thats for sure. here are some pictures monaco took... sorry i'm too lazy to put in a cut.

title or description

monaco, corey, and me!!!!

title or description

monaco, corey, and jaime! :)

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corey, me, and mashoeee

title or description

tee hee the ball was about to drop!
[from left: part of Bj, corey, me, maru, jimmy, jaime]

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corey, jim jim, and me.